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This is the fun page. The page where you can have a blast! 

What does your favorite color say about your personality!?
You are cute, kind, and sweet. You are calm, quiet, and content. You like candles and flowers and you love romance.
You are artsy, creative, and unique. You do your own things and don't get along with the crowd. Since purple is a mixture of red and blue, you are calm and intense at the same time.
You are dependable and organized, and also slighty vain or conceivted. You don't get stressed out easily and you set goals and are not satisfied until you acheived them.
You are energetic and easy going. You are earthly and natural and open minded. You like changesand often get tired of the same things easily.
Your intense and passicnate. You are gutsy, sultry, and bold but have a bit of a bad temper. You are fearless, impulsive, assertive, and wild.
You are confident, energetic, and hyper. You are wild, outgoing, gutsy, and loud. YOu love being noticed.
You are mellow, happy, unbeat, and friendly. You are positive and optinustic and are always finding a bright side to everything.
You are introverted and pessimistic. You are often depressive and unhappy and discontent with your life and or self.
You are sophisticated, classy, and conservative and like things simple and pure. You care about your looks and a bit of a clean freak.
You are glamorous and exuberant. You are ambitious and love recognition. You have some sort of preoccupation with fame.
You are extravagant, classy, and slighty vain. Looking good is like a neccessity to you and your money.
So, what are you?

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